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We are here for you!
If you do not see a class type or time that works, please send us a request.

Group Class Information

We are committed to providing you and your dog with the tools

you need to develop a strong and lasting relationship.

Family members (including well-behaved children)

are encouraged to attend class with their dog!

Our group dog training classes are best suited for dogs who are both people- and dog-friendly.

If you have concerns about whether our classes are suitable for your dog,

please contact our trainers at

Vaccination Requirements

For the health and safety of all class participants, both human and canine,

updated vaccination records are required to attend group classes.


Puppies 16 weeks or younger

  • Minimum one round of DHPP* that must have been administered at least 7 days prior to the class starting date.


Dogs 16 weeks or older

  • Age-appropriate vaccinations including rabies 

  • TN state law states that puppies must be vaccinated for rabies between 12-16 weeks.


Older than 9 months

  • Up-to-date on DHPP* and rabies.

  • Bordetella is strongly recommended for your pup’s best protection, but not required.


*distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvovirus vaccination.

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